Oh! I’m so excited when I get to post something about beach and anything about water. So let’s start our top 10 Bali beaches!

  1. Padang – Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach located in the south-west side of Bali, this beach has a spectacular Sunset view and known as Eat, Pray, Love shooting location. These days, a lot of tourists hang around this beach especially during sunset. 

With almost no waves, very calm and no selling hassle around-- this is the perfect beach for you to swim and relax.

Padang Padang Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

What I like the most about this beach is they actually offer you a good kind of sun and an amazing rocks view. You can just lay down by the beautiful sand, sunbathing and feeling the sun all over you. Yummm…

What’s best to do: Pro-Surfing or Snorkeling! 

  1. Kuta Beach

I’d say this is like Bali’s most famous beach since it is located in the central of hip and happening (also close to Seminyak) and this beach offer more than just what you expect it to be. Since this one of the easy-reach beaches to the airport, this beach is always crowded and there are locals offer massage service, hair bride, and all stuff that you wouldn’t probably find back home.

Kuta Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

What I like the most about this beach is that you can actually enjoy an amazing sunset and cheap beers. The beach is quite pretty when its sunset time!

What’s best to do: Shopping, Massage, and Surfing School.

  1. Echo Beach

If you’re seafood lovers and full-moon party person, then this is your kind of beach. The beach actually offer you a rock-sand bar where many things happen such as full-moon midnight party, amazing sunset (seriously!), I usually sit down and enjoy my beer while watching the beautiful sunset. It feels amazing!

Echo Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

What I like the most about this beach is they offer best seafood restaurants with reasonable price! The seafood is amazing and you get to face the beach while enjoying your seafood and white wine.

What’s best to do: Intermediate-Surfing, Seafood Feast, and Enjoying Sunset.

  1. Sanur Beach

Calm area, pretty easy to find and personally I’d say one of the best Bali beaches that has this oh-so-huge feelings. Sanur Beach is more for a sunrise person, if you like being shoot by the sunlight then this is your call. Most of the beach is actually an accessible resort-backyard but nevertheless, very enjoyable!

Sanur Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

What I like the most about this beach is that it’s so calming down, it doesn’t make too much noise but still pretty and you don’t see much people inside the water.

What’s best to do: Cycling! Rent a bike for 5000/hour and just ride around, you can also ride by the sidewalk through the resorts’ back-yard with the beach-view. You can also do Stand-up paddle!

  1. Dreamland Beach

Or if you know it with its new name as New Kuta Beach. It’s actually a little bit not fair because Dreamland and Kuta has a totally different style. Kuta is more black-ish and touristy while Dreamland beach is the dreamy beach with white sand and beautiful waves. The sands is a bit rocky and when the stream getting huge, it is really huge.

 Dreamland Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

What I like the most about this beach is body boarding and surf boards are pretty cheap for rent. The restaurant and people are very helpful and not trying to get money from you as well. I also love the small rocks surrounds it, pretty shady but can be so hot if the sun up!

What’s best to do: Body Boarding, Surfing (Intermediate to Pro), Sunbathing!...and additional, have a nice lunch ;)

  1. Petitenget Beach

I know, I know y’all probably think like, “This isn’t a swimming beach!”, well, let me tell you, it’s not. However, it’s worth visit! Why? The sunset is incredible, it feels like you’re in a two different time and just separated by the sands.

Petitenget Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

As one of Bali’s sacred beach, swimming isn’t allowed since this beach usually used as ceremonial beach.

What’s best to do: Eating grilled corn while enjoying sunset!

  1. Tegal Wangi Beach

Oh gosh! I’m in love with this beach. It's one of these Bali beaches which you can do whatever you want in this beach. Not to mention the natural pool in the middle of the sand feels like you have your own salty bath! It’s quiet, not too many people. Usually people come here for their Pre-wedding pictures, ohhh I’m so done in love!

Tegal Wangi Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali 

What I like the most if it has a rock jumping spot which isn’t high at all but you can jump like from a swimming pool as the waves passed by, I think it’s amazing!

What’s best to do: Swimming (a little bit) away from the shore, as it’s kind of rocky and you don’t want to get carried by the waves, so go a little bit further from the shore! It’s super great!! You can also go cliff jumping from 7 meters high nearby which is really good and if you’re a beginner, a good place to start and brings out your adrenaline!

  1. Virgin Beach

A little bit touristy, and they way to get in is quite complicated but this beach is heaven on earth. The water is crystal clear and a great spot to actually wants a white-sand with amazing water. Located in the east Bali, right before Amed, this beach is actually one of the best Bali beaches.

Virgin Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

virgin beachvirginbeach2

What I like the most is the water and the lost-feeling, you literally surrounded by cliff that gives border which is seldom happens when it comes to the beaches. Amazings.

What’s best to do: SNORKELING! And body board ;)

  1. Green Bowl Beach

I have never been here, but let me show you:

Green Bowl Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali

  1. Suluban Beach

This is a pretty lovely darling beach, but the stairs... It’s so shady and full of big stones and rock bar as well! It feels like you’re in a cave with beach, hmmm…

Suluban Beach - 10 Bali Beaches You Will Love - ZoomBali


What I like the most that it’s shady and beautiful at the same time. The salt smell makes you want to diveeeeee…

What’s best to do: When the waves are a bit hardcore, go surfing! When it’s chill, yumm… Natural pools everywhere.

Pack your bag now and travel!