So you've taken the decision to pack up and move to Bali, congratulations! I bet there are many people envying you, wishing they could have had the courage and live in such exotic place. Like any other place, Bali also has its ups and downs, the beautiful and ugly sides, its dark and bright side, its yin and yang.

After sorting out the essentials and starting to settle down, living in a new place can be quite overwhelming. Getting to know the people, adapting to the weather, mastering the language, getting into the rhythm of living and working on an island with so many distractions (oh those beautiful beaches!).

Life gets easier when you know few tips and tricks from the locals and few long-stay foreigners. We have compiled for you 10 life hacks to survive in Bali, let's start.


1. Secondhand Shop


life hacks furniture in Bali

Secondhand shop at Nusa Dua

When you're planning to stay longer here and in need of few furniture, you don't need to buy new ones. Why don't you have a look at several secondhand shops spread out in Ngurah Rai By Pass or Imam Bonjol area? This way not only you will save some cash, but also, you're contributing to a greener lifestyle, you'll produce less waste.

There are plenty of hotels refurbishing their hotel rooms, they removed the old-but-still-functioning-furniture and replacing them with new designs. Or restaurants closing down and selling their equipment at a real bargain price. Or a boutique closing down and selling its unused clothes at secondhand stores. You'll be surprised at what you will find at these places. You just need to look closely and make sure the item functions correctly before buying it. Do a bit of polish, renew the paints and wallah, you just get yourself a cute wardrobe at half price.