ZoomBali team is proud to offer you an interactive Bali map! We are Xavier (Canadian) and Intan (Indonesian), entrepreneurs in Bali.

After volunteering for an NGO and exploring all the corners of that magnificent island with the usual way Balinese people transport themselves, a little scooter (you'll be surprised how much it can carry), an idea came up!  

Balinese way of transportation

Family on moped in Bali

Family on moped in Bali

Truth is, finding your way in Bali can be quite challenging due to the small amount of street name signs and the intense traffic. Too many times we followed directions from a major mapping service to eventually fall on a dead end, a nonexistent road or a wrong business/event location.

Stuck in traffic? Simply stay calm!

bali traffic

Bali traffic

It is totally understandable that Google Maps, covering the whole world can not offer an exhaustive list of places and events in Bali. Embracing completely the vast beauties and advantages of living in Bali, we found ourselves good candidates to put together a resourceful Bali map covering exclusively the island of Gods. With this idea in mind, ZoomBali was born for sharing things to do in Bali!

Our mission is to help travelers and locals with their recurring questions: where to go? where to stay? what to do? and what to eat in Bali? Committed to contribute positively to the tourism sector, ZoomBali has developed a Free Directory Map to support local businesses and events organizers to attract more customers to their stores or events in Bali.

With love, here is our Bali map!

Bali Map

Bali Map

Well, here we are after more than a year of passionate and exciting work, ZoomBali team is happy to launch his first official post on his new Blog page. Much much more are coming soon please visit us again!

A special thanks to our wonderful web developers Miftah Muhammad Akrabi, Shweta Beniwal and Rohit Sharma, You guys Rock!