Besides thousands of activities you can do on this Island of God, there is this one very interesting thing that we always do while travel: Find something unique that reminds us about the place we are visiting!

Bali has been known as one of cultural shopping destination in South-East Asia, here's our 10 recommended Bali shopping destinations we think you will want to try if you visit Bali:

1. General Shopping

Ubud Market - Bali Shopping

Ubud, Bali

There is no specific places in Ubud, the entire Ubud known as one of the most cultural part of the island. This is certainly the place where you will look for yoga, meditation and all spiritual retreats. Ubud Market located within 10 minutes walk from Royal Ubud Palace offers you a very traditional sense of shopping. The smell of incense, herbs and local food will touch your nose instantly! This 3 storey building known for it’s souvenirs, incense collections as well as its antiques.

The second place you can visit in Ubud is Jalan Hanoman, along Jalan Hanoman all the way through Jalan Monkey Forest you will find a lot of things; Yoga outfits, crystal collections, batik (Indonesian Handmade coloured designs on textiles), potteries, jewelries and all other Bali souvenirs most of the sellers are happy to bargain the prices to various level!