I have heard a lot of people telling me, “When God created Bali, he was thinking of paradise", surfers paradise, divers paradise and the one I would like to talk about this time is the hikers paradise.

Batur Sunrise - ZoomBali

Batur Sunrise


Bali Volcanoes are very famous amongst all travelers that are looking for adrenaline satisfaction. Mountain bikers, rock climbers, zip-liners and just regular hikers love to check out the 2 most famous Bali Volcanoes; Mount Batur and Mount Agung.

You probably have heard tons words of mouth about these 2 Bali volcanoes, their condition, the beauty and the steep, challenging track. Here are a couple of things that you might not know about these 2 gorgeous and full of history of Bali Volcanoes:


Mount Batur

Batur Camping - ZoomBali

Batur Camping


2012 was a phenomenal year for this mountain and the people of Bali as well as Indonesians. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) finally declared Mount Batur (1,717m) as the part of Global Geopark Network during the Geopark European Conference in Portugal, 20 September 2012. Mount Batur will give you a spectacular view of sunrise, located by the holy lake Batur, this mountain known as one of tourist favorite destination. The slow hike, safe and easier than Agung makes this mountain very famous and popular for its view from the top.

Camping is possible here, though you will need to hire one guide to be on standby in case of weather’s changing or as security. There’s a warung/small shop at the top of the mountain selling coffee or tea for the hikers while they are waiting for the sunrise. Guide will cost you about IDR 200,000 for a group of 4. If you are staying around Kuta or the city far away from Batur, a package can be easily found in the internet and you can book it straight away!

 The perfect time to visit Mt. Batur is sometimes around August – September, it’s not too dry and it’s not too wet. Camping could be spectacular too with a great view of Milky Way sometimes. On your way up, if you are willing to experience some adrenaline rush, the locals are happy to take you through the off-road track from the guide center to hiker’s starting point! I would suggest this, not just it’s cool but also challenging! The road is perfect and the locals riding skills is very fascinating! They also offer mountain bike package or mountain cycling package which can be very challenging!

 Food is not that easy to find if you would like to go camping more than 1 night, make sure you have enough food and something healthy to keep you fit since the low temperature at the top can definitely freeze you! Warm clothes always!

 After a long hike, if you are feeling tired or craving for decent food you can always go to one of their Natural Healing Hot Spring and have a good time with hot ginger tea to help you relax! Accommodations are easy to find and within a good price range, restaurant with amazing volcano view can also be one of your favorite spot!

Best month to Hike: August - September 

Starting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/GFf6iNTEigH2


 Mount Agung

Mount Agung - ZoomBali

Mount Agung


The Mother Mountain, Mount Agung located in the east side of Bali within 3 hours drive from the Airport. Known as the Holy Mountain, Hindu believers wholeheartedly believe this volcano is the main place for Gods and Demons to meet, as in their home to gather and meet in certain of time. Agung in Bahasa Indonesia means the greatest and the biggest of all. Mount Agung has a huge spiritual impact for the Hindu believers, therefore the entrance you will pass to hike the mountain is usually a big temple with a lot of caretakers. The main entrance is the Mother Temple, or as in the original name: Besakih Temple. April is not the right time to climb this mountain due to ceremonies and rituals are happening during this month and it’s prohibited to climb any of Bali Volcanoes during an ongoing ceremony.

This stratovolcano is the highest point of this island, you will see a big difference in the west and east sides of the mountain. The west side is green and lush while the east side is dry and very quiet. Erupted in 1963 (known as one of the largest 20th century eruptions anywhere in the world) and is still active, this mountain has a large and deep crater that occasionally burst a little bit of smoke and ash.

The coolest thing about climbing this mountain is the spectacular view on the top where you can see the Lombok Island, Gili Islands and Batur Volcano. Sometimes, you can also see Mt. Rinjani’s peak which is Indonesia’s 2nd highest volcano.

There are a lot of local organizations in each entrance of Mt. Agung that offers package or deals to climb the mountain, though if you are a professional hiker they will be happy with a little donation ($10-20$) and let you climb the mountain by yourself (after several bad things they told you about what will happen if you climb alone and loads of warnings to make you pay for a guide). It is highly recommended to have a guide with you if you are a beginner hiker due to safety and the tough long track, a guide usually cost about $40-70 depends how many people are going with you and how many guides should come. Bali volcanoes will challenge you with extremely steep tracks with a lot of volcanic stones, a proper equipment to climb this mountain is highly recommended.

Camping is one of a lot of things I love about Bali and the volcanoes, the sunset and sunrise are just equally amazing and breathtaking. There are no rules or restriction to camp in Mt. Agung, though you should probably employ a guide, be aware of the weather and ceremonies down at the temple (in case of religious prohibitions)

Best Month to hike: May - August

Starting Point: