I'm definitely guilty on the count of obsessing over breakfast.

What's not to obsess about breakfast? The smell of morning coffee as you enter a room mixed with the cool morning breeze. The menu, the ingredients, the dark color of the night in a cup to jump start your morning. Everything! Travelers might not realize but breakfast in Bali is great! We have many options here, from the classic-satisfyingly-greasy to the healthy-raw ones. Not to mention Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world, which means we do have exceptional coffees.

Since I live in Bukit, I love planning for a breakfast on the weekend. Breakfast Uluwatu? Where to this weekend? True, many of the best breakfasts in Seminyak have reached their popularity first in many Bali guides and blogs. But that doesn't mean we don't have any awesome breakfast at the Bukit. I've compiled 10 best breakfasts in Bali that are located in Uluwatu, run independently (not in a hotel), read on!


Answered: Breakfast Uluwatu

1. Suka Espresso

Suka Espresso, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

Suka Espresso

Located in front of access to Tomas Beach, this small and intimate breakfast place in Uluwatu raises to its popularity soon enough. First time we went there in early 2017 this place was already busy, what a great surprise to find a 'real' coffee with excellent breakfast menu to boot.

Presentation of the food is always interesting, colorful, and dynamic. Healthy breakfast menu is served here, locally sourced hence the fresh ingredients. You'll find beet, quinoa, avocado, and fancy smoothie bowls in the menu, yep sounds hipster doesn't it? But don't worry, the vibe is totally laid back, casual, and unpretentious, thanks to the barely-there-interior-decor. (I actually love the fact that it's not too-of-an-instagrammable-spot, because this spot is just about the coffee, food and fun-vibe). The service is always on point, friendly and attentive staff. Make sure you'll be at this breakfast Uluwatu earlier (10am is too late) to get a seat.

Good for: good trendy healthy breakfast with laid back attitude.

2. Bukit Cafe

Bukit Cafe, breakfast uluwatu, uluwatu breakfast, zoombali

Bukit Cafe

Bukit Cafe, one of most popular Australian-influenced breakfast cafes in South Kuta, located before Padang Padang beach is a warm welcome to all-brekkie lovers. They have a GREAT menu selection, besides the a la carte -a special of the day breakfast menu board. The coffee menu also has a good variety option, one of it is the Bullet Proof (the only one in the Bukit!), a kinky marriage of coconut virgin oil and espresso.  

Come at any time for breakfast or brunch, you'll find a seat available, there are two seating areas available indoor and outdoor. The interior is laid back, airy with big windows providing a good air circulation and selfie opportunities.

Good for: Bullet Proof coffee, brunch, big menu and good portion for those hungry ones.

3. Drifter Surf Shop Cafe & Gallery

Drifter Cafe, Uluwatu breakfast, breakfast Uluwatu

Drifter Cafe

Fast becoming one of the coolest kid on the block, Drifter first pops out in Labuansait as a surf shop with a coffee shop in the making. The cafe is tuck at the back, behind that sliding door you'll find a secret garden with lush dark wooden furniture, a gallery and green trees providing shelter to patrons.

The menu offers organic whole foods that will satisfy any vegetarians and pescatarians. Drifter is serious about their coffee, featuring Mandailing Estate the coffee comes with a punch, a character and has a nice acidic tone to it. Try the Speedies a concoction of cold drip espresso and sweet sticky condensed milk, it won't disappoint you. A delightful surprise behind the surf shop, this Uluwatu breakfast becomes one of my favorite. Al fresco breakfast under the trees, rustic Indonesian furniture, natural good breakfast and Mandailing coffee sounds like the perfect breakfast to me.

Good for: surfer vibe, fresh air, good food, and Speedies! 

4. Cafe Moka Bukit 

Cafe Moka Bukit, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

Cafe Moka Bukit

Cafe Moka Bukit was one of the first breakfast establishments in the Bukit area opened in 2008. One of the Cafe Moka shops, currently they have four other outlets in Bali: Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur and Ubud. They serve your typical western breakfasts, Continental or American breakfasts with eggs, sausages, bacon, bread basket, fruit bowl, fresh juice and coffee. 

The coffee isn't the best but their fresh home made breads will make up for it, with a hearty portion and affordable price, Cafe Moka nails it down! They have a good selections of breakfast items, lunch and dinner.

Good for: affordable price, good portion, good bread and family feel.

5. Bread Basket Bakery

Bread Basket Bakery, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

Bread Basket Bakery

Bread Basket is one of those places that gets the job done swiftly without the need of bells and whistles. If you need to have a good brekky, fast, unpretentious with a friendly crew that works efficiently this is your spot. The coffee is yummy, the service is good, and the salmon bagel is a must try. 

Bread Basket is a small and intimate place with warm interior that will take care of your tummy. It's located just in front of Pecatu Indah Resort, before Dreamland beach. They produce their own bread with European artisan-style a la old world master bakers. Another outlet can be found in Sanur, both opens for breakfast and lunch. Out of the other Uluwatu breakfasts, Bread Basket is where I feel most at home. So, welcome home!

Good for: easy and practical breakfast, getting your daily bread.

6. El Merkat

El Merkat, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

El Merkat Bali

Uluwatu breakfast of El Merkat in another word is different breakfast experience in Bukit. The area is strongly influenced by the surf culture, that makes El Merkat looks like it belongs at Seminyak. Which is a good thing! It's great to have something different once in awhile, especially when it's a good one. El Merkat offers a Spanish flair in the neighborhood, my champion would be the Eggs-traordinary, its cheesy rosti and mushroom sauce are addictive. Opens for breakfast until dinner, it has a Deli and a working space slash mini store. 

The food and beverage are colorful and presented like they're coming from a five stars hotel. The coffee is soft and smooth, the service is a five star.  The brekkie menu is available until 11am. It's located close to Pecatu Indah Resort, see, there are good choices of breakfast in Bukit! 

Good for: a fancier breakfast, a Deli to get your cheese, cold cut meats and more.

7.  Ayu's Food From The Heart

Ayus Place, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

Ayu's Place, food from the heart

Going to Ayu's place feels like going to your friend's place and she'd happily whip up a home made breakfast for you. Ayu and her family opened up this small joint that serves breakfast and lunch, the food always feels like it comes from your friend's kitchen. Remember? A nice plate of good stuff, not designed and planned by an establishment, but prepared by your friends or family? Yeah, like that one!

The fresh juices and smoothies are remarkable, fresh, and yummy. The breakfast menu is sufficient, the coffee is not the best but the food and juice will make up for it. There are healthier meals and vegetarian options available. On your way to Padang Padang, drop by at this cute place, say hi to Ayu and ease your way into Bali's sunny days. Now there, life doesn't sound too bad ain't it?

Good for: awesome juice and smoothie, healthy menu.

8.  The Mango Tree Cafe

Mango Tree Cafe, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

Mango Tree Cafe

The closest breakfast cafe to Padang Padang beach on this list, Mango Tree Cafe was one of the first western breakfast opened in the area. Choosing quality, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, this morning meal joint still holds its position as one of the sweet spots in Uluwatu. 

Established by the legendary surf pioneer Jim Banks, Mango Tree offers a mix of breakfast choices that will suit everyone. Few Mexican breakfasts, classic breakfasts, the raw and healthier ones -with a killer organic coffee to seal the deal. For seven years they've been working together with local farmers to cultivate the perfect coffee and roast the coffee themselves. The result? One of the best coffee available!

Good for: just next to Padang Padang beach, the coffee, chilled out vibe.

9. Cafe La Pasion

Cafe La Pasion, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu

Cafe La Pasion

This hidden gem is situated closer to Balangan beach it's one of those secret spots that you found when you're driving along minding your own business, until .. wham! You found her. Yes, it's a her (to my opinion). Merrily decorated Cafe La Pasion is a little place of happiness. A small pool at the front, four different seating areas, a screen for movie nights, a small gazebo where live music gigs hold place. 

True to the name, she serves Mexican breakfast, fresh juices, kick ass coffees and good service. The icing on the cake is, this breakfast Uluwatu serves several different single origin coffees from Indonesia, Toraja, Mandailing, Java, Bali, Sidikalang to name a few. You can also choose manual brew such as V60, French Press or Aeropress. The portion is quite small, so order a side of fresh fruit bowl to fill up your tummy, ... anyway you need to have your fruits right?

Good for: single origin coffees prepared manually, fun-loving atmosphere, tasty food.

10. Outside Corner Organic Cafe

Outside Corner Organic Cafe, uluwatu breakfast, breakfast uluwatu, zoombali

Outside Corner Organic Cafe

The food is prepared home made style and breakfast made of organic ingredients is always welcomed! The portion is generous, fresh juices and the coffee is good. Loving the bright colors and airy feel of the interior.

The cafe has three seating areas including the back area with a skate bowl where you can show your moves. Outside Corner Organic Cafe is obviously focus on guaranteeing you a fun time with its pool table and table tennis. So grab your gang, work that appetite by playing a match or two. Or if you're too nervous to talk with your crush during breakfast, as a warm up play a table tennis first ;) Fun time ensue.

Good for: big portion, playing a pool or table tennis with the gang at this breakfast Uluwatu.

Now over to you, do you have another breakfast spot in Uluwatu area to add? Let us know we'd love to give it a try!