New in Bali? Need to find public transportation? The Introduction Guide to Sarbagita (Public Bus in Bali) provides comprehensive information about Trans Sarbagita bus in Bali.


Introduction to Bali Sarbagita bus

Sarbagita feedback and features

What are the routes?

Places of Interest on Corridor 2 Route: Nusa Dua to Batubulan


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The Bali island has 5,780 km² of area size it's not that big however, you will definitely need a transportation to move around and explore this gorgeous place. If you prefer to travel using the public transportation, it can be a challenge since the options are limited and there is not much info available in English online, therefore we are here to introduce you to Bali's own public bus: Sarbagita bus.

Most Balinese have their own transportation, it was stated from 2013 statistic that 86% of Balinese preferred to have mopeds as their mode of transport. That's why not all locals are familiar with the public transportation. In order to reduce the increasingly congested streets, the government came up with a solution: providing public buses for people.  Sarbagita was launched in August 2011 serving its first route of Batubulan - Nusa Dua - Batubulan. In 2015 it was recorded approximately 703,683 people had used the bus, it serves Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan areas.

Sarbagita bus stop nusa dua

Sarbagita bus stop in Nusa Dua BTDC area

The route is displayed by the window. If you'd like to hail the big Sarabagita bus, you'll need to stop one at its bus stop.You can also ask the staff about the route that Sarbagita bus provides. For more inland areas, there are smaller buses (Sarbagita Bus Feeder) taking you to the main roads where the big Sarabagita bus passes. Their routes are also displayed on their windows.


Sarbagita Bus feedback and features

How was the experience? It was great! The seats were comfy, very cheap fare, the staff who collected the payment was polite and helpful. You get to observe people around you while enjoying the ride. We saw a man with his bicycle and a couple of street vendors with their big baskets catching a ride home.

Quick facts:

  •  Ticket per person per trip: 3,500 IDR
  •  Each unit has AC with a designated staff to collect your payment
  •  Time: 5 am to 9 pm (no fixed schedule)
  •  Serves: Denpasar, Badung. Gianyar and Tabanan
  •  Batubulan to Nusa Dua took around 1,5 hour on a Sunday afternoon
  •  Batubulan to Nusa Dua return route is almost identical
  •  When you hop off at a stop, most of the time across the street there will be a bus stop close by
Inside Sarbagita Bus

People, a bike and goods on a ride!

Sarbagita bus - ZoomBali

Sarbagita bus tickets; staff collecting payment and handing out your ticket

Sarbagita bus

Sarbagita bus stop and inside seating


What are the routes?

Corridor 1: Kota (City) – GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) - return

- There are 4 routes of the Sarbagita Bus Feeder to assist Corridor 1.

- From City or Ngurah Rai Sport Center ( Jl Kamboja) - Angsoka-Melati - Surapati - Kapten Agung - PB Sudirman -Waturenggong - Diponegoro – Raya Sesetan - Pesanggaran - Dewa Ruci - Bypass Ngurah Rai - Jl Udayana UNUD Bukit -Raya Uluwatu - GWK.

- From GWK - Raya Uluwatu - Jl.Udayana UNUD Bukit - Bypass Nusadua – Simpang Dewa Ruci - Pesanggaran - Sesetan - Diponegoro - Serma Durna - Serma Made Pil - Serma Mendra - Sudirman - Dewi Sartika - Diponegoro -Hasannudin - Jl. Udayana - Surapati - Kamboja - Angsoka - Melati - Patimura - Kamboja (Halte SMA 7).

Corridor 2: Batubulan – Nusa Dua - return (Via Sentral Parkir Kuta)

- There are 2 routes of the Sarbagita Bus Feeder to assist Corridor 2.

- From Nusa Dua (BTDC) - Jl. Raya Tanjung Benoa Bualu - Bypass Nusa Dua - Simpang Dewa Ruci - Setiabudi Kuta - Raya Kuta - Sentral Parkir Kuta - Imam Bonjol - Sunset Road Timur - Simpang Dewa Ruci - Bypass Ngurah Rai - WR Supratman - Raya Batubulan - Batuyang - Terminal Batubulan.

- From Terminal Batubulan – WR. Supratman - Bypass Ngurah Rai - Prof. I.B. Mantra - Bypass Ngurah Rai - Simpang Dewa Ruci - Setiabudi Kuta - Raya Kuta – Sentral Parkir Kuta - Imam Bonjol - Sunset Road Timur - Simpang Dewa Ruci -Bypass Nusa Dua - Nusa Dua (BTDC).

Corridor 6: Terminal Pesiapan - Terminal Mengwi - Bypass Ngurah Rai - Ngurah Rai Airport - return

Places of Interest Corridor 2 Route: Nusa Dua to Batubulan

In May 2016, we tried out the Sarbagita Corridor 2 route. Here is the infographic for Places of Interest of Corridor 2:

Places of Interest Sarbagita Bus - ZoomBali Map


Corridor 2 places of interest

Let's break down the Sarbagita Corridor 2 route to few points of interesting bus stops starting from Nusa Dua:

- Nusa Dua BTDC complex, in here you can visit Mengiat beach (our favorite beach), Nusa Dua Waterblow, Bali Collection shopping arcades, Pasifika Museum, Devdan Show, and check out one of those posh hotels nestled in the area.

- Bypass Nusa Dua, it has several stops: Immigration office to extend your visa, Benoa Square a shopping mall, also just before the round about towards airport another stop: Kelan Halte. If you are using Sarbagita bus feeder, one of them operates from Uluwatu to Kelan. So if you are coming from Batubulan, you can switch at Kelan Halte to go take the bus feeder to Uluwatu.

- At Simpang Dewa Ruci stop you can hop off and check out few surf outlet shops there.

- At Sunset Road street, you can exit the bus which heads towards the street to Kuta beach, however after that you're on your own there is no public transport towards Kuta beach yet. Carrefour located in Sunset Road will also be on your way.

- Back to Simpang Dewa Ruci you can also hop off at Galeria Mall stop where you can go to: Hypermart, Cinema, Gramedia book store, a fancy dentist and many other shops also restaurants.

- Lotte Mart Serangan, there is a stop there and you can shop at this huge mart. It also stops at the up-and-coming new hospital in Serangan.

- Next stop close to Ayodya Restaurant for an Indonesian rijsttafel meal.

- Sanur stops: Sindhu beach, Matahari Terbit (Sunrise) beach, Padang Galak beach which is where the haunting Taman Festival Bali located.

- Then at last Batubulan Terminal, from Batubulan you're quite close to Ubud in the day time you can also find another public transportation (bemo or smaller buses without AC) to take you to few places e.g.: Candidasa, Padang Bai etc.

Bus in Bali - ZoomBali

Once you understand where to hop on and off, this bus is quite handy to reach few popular spots in the area. We'll try out other routes of Sarbagita and keep you updated. Stay tuned! 

For more information you can visit the Public Transport Trans Sarbagita official website (only in Bahasa Indonesia).

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