One of the perks of traveling is having the chance to get your hands on those exotic fruits.

If you are planning to visit Bali, sampling local food and fresh fruits are the easiest way to experience local culture. We love our exotic fruits in Bali, be it as desserts, snacks or fruits basket gifts for the host at a party. It is also customary to bring a fruits basket when visiting someone at a hospital as a token of well-wishes. Some of these exotic fruits are also available in another part of South East Asia.

And now, without further ado let's explore the top 10 exotic fruits to try in Bali.  

1. Red Dragon Fruit or Pitaya (Buah Naga or Dragon Merah)

Red Dragon Fruit

Red Dragon Fruit

There is nothing like preparing this succulent dragon fruit for your breakfast. There are 2 kinds available at the market: red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit. Our favorite is the red ones, we find it tastier. It actually has a light sweet taste, quite juicy, it does not exactly have a strong taste. I imagine it would be a great mix in juices or dessert. You will need a knife to cut it open and scoop away with a teaspoon!  
Dragon Fruit Plant

Dragon fruit cactus

The plant itself is quite peculiar as it resembles a cactus with its "tentacles", its exotic fruits can be harvested on the 50th day after its flowers have bloomed. Harvested between September to March, the plant can live up to 30 years. Easily found during a wet season, it is sold per kilo as cheap as 10,000 IDR onward. I'll say let's get 5 kilos?