23rd March 2018 marks the 5th anniversary of the quirky Mexican restaurant and club in Seminyak, Motel Mexicola. Is there any better way to celebrate it than having a heavy blow party? This year, Mexicola transported everyone to the dazzling Erotic Aquatic night.

Vamos de fiesta Motel Mexicola!

The minute we arrived on the street of Kayu Jati, we felt the great vibe was in the air. The lively neon temple was definitely something that caught the eye. Just from the front entrance, we heard people cheering over catchy songs selected by the DJ. Visitors were lining up at drink counters right at the restaurant’s gate (or just getting some fresh air). As it’s getting late, the more party-goers made the party bigger. Anyway, Mexicola’s famously narrow parking area was not an issue, thanks to special parking area next to it.

Crowd at Motel Mexicola party | ZoomBali

Lively aniversario at Motel Mexicola

Food and drinks coupons were available as the entrance ticket at minimum purchase IDR 200.000 per person, offering limited variety of beers, spirits, soda and typical Mexican quick meals such as tacos and quesadillas.

Iconic shrine Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

The iconic shrine, the first hint of Mexicola’s Instagrammable spot once you enter.

Mexicola Seminyak is a must for avid Instagrammers hunting unique spots to take photos of. When entering, you will see the first hint of Mexican decor, the iconic shrine. Specifically decorated to match the party theme, it was embellished with seashells and coral reefs.

Left baggage Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

Welcome to Mexicola. They also provided baggage counter here.

Bartenders mixing drinks Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

One of the bars

We headed to food counter on the left, picked a seat at the bar to snack on the tacos and quesadillas, because, well, we swung by without booking a table in advance. We knew it was a luck considering the bars quickly filled up that night. Booking would have been necessary especially for groups.

Mexican food Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

Food from the kitchen

Motel Mexicola menu's of flor de calabaza, cochinita, and pollo quesadillas were fresh and served fast despite the queue. The quesadillas were not the tastiest, but we loved their baja tacos. Good selections of quick meals to power up everyone on the dance floor.

Their courtyard in the center was turned into a dance floor. Sea nymphs hung around, welcoming everyone to enter the underwater world. The cantina transformed into vibrant party with dozens of jellyfishes and mermaid-merman on the ceiling, and the God of the Sea Neptune giving “command” on the stage, splashed with spectacular lighting.

Ocean theme decor Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

Mermaids and jellyfishes were everywhere

Hundreds of guys and girls flocked up, some showed up in unique costumes. It was not hard to find people smearing their faces with blue make-up, painting scales on skin, wearing fancy tiaras, even bringing with them water toys. The action was on: mermaid shows on stage, music performances, awesome visual projections throughout the night, and of course, birthday cake blow.

Party scene Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

Vamos de fiesta!

Party decor Motel Mexicola anniversary | ZoomBali

What’s so aquatic without shoaling fish passing by?

Another iconic spot at Mexicola is their big “selfie” mirror, placed right at the stairs heading up to the second floor. When you don’t have full-packed crowd around you, especially during the day when the spot looks brighter, it’s easy to take photos of yourself only and capture the colorful walls well. On special events like this, you have no choice but sharing the mirror with others!

Selfie mirror Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

The big “selfie” mirror

We headed upstairs just to find pink lights showering every corner of the second floor and a cute piñata-styled whale hung from the ceiling.

A whale piñata Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

Spotted! A piñata-styled whale

The atmosphere was quite relaxed comparing to the heat downstairs. They kept the space airy with fans and large windows in traditional Mexican style (note that no air conditioning in the whole place). They also had tables and bars here, so we could still enjoy the party downstairs from the window.

View from top floor Motel Mexicola | ZoomBali

Looking down from Mexicola’s second floor window

There was a lot of great energy. Everyone was happy and having their fun time. Indeed an Erotic Aquatic!

Motel Mexicola was established in 2013 and instantly became a hotspot in Seminyak, a popular joint loved by tourists and locals. Set hidden away on one of Seminyak’s small street Kayu Jati and steps away from Petitenget Temple, the family-friendly restaurant stands out among other food establishments around. It tempts you to pull up and explore.

A fiesta of good food, bold colors, and quirky curios a la Mexico make it beyond the concept of restaurant and bar; Mexicola offers entertainment and lifestyle. The interior screams a sense of fun and crazy atmosphere inspired by retro Mexican party town Acapulco. The alley on the entrance leads to a shrine with photographs, flowers, and melted candles that blesses everyone to have a good time. Perfect selections of colorful neon lights and detailed pieces of decor are definitely an Instagrammable background of your choice. Walls beautifully covered in themed prints and murals that are clashing to impress. Taking a selfie on their big mirror framed by ultimate aesthetic is hard to resist.

Keep walking to the center, you can choose your preferable dining table at several spots: the courtyard, the bars, the seats at the corners, or the upstairs lounge. You might consider that there is no air conditioning everywhere, as they set the whole place in outdoor seating. Although it can be hot when people start filling up, the huge fans and spacious area help keeping the air fresh.

Mexicola serves authentic Mexican menu created by chef Steven Skelly, a delight ranging from lunch, dinner, coffee, to drinks. Meat feast, seafood, children meals, and vegetarian options are waiting for your taste buds, accompanied by fruity, refreshing cocktails and tropical spirits. Full menu is available on their website www.motelmexicolabali.com. Reservation is recommended if you plan to come in group, especially at night when the restaurant likely turns into entertainment venue. So, chill out during the day, get loud during the night. Party events held regularly, make sure to get updated!