Ah, uh! Before we get into this, you might want to have some ideas about how New Year in Bali looks like from my video (New Year in Bali 2015):

The timeline in that video was Christmas all the way through New Year. Bali New Year, as you could have probably guess “crowded”. We spent our time from going to the Hidden Green Canyon to an incredible house party.

House party is one of a great option if you come to Bali in a group with your good friends! Rent a villa and buy a lot of food and booze then walk down the beach for the countdown. Uh, huh! Ideas. Celebrating New Year in Bali feels very international and also give you a good glimpse about what New Year is actually all about! Even the Hindu influence take place on being one of the option to celebrate New Year.

Bali is one of most favorite and expensive destination to celebrate New Year, though it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it locally and as cheap as you wish! Though make sure you book your ticket long before the New Year to avoid the explosive flight cost (this is seriously will make your bank account scream BOOM!). Here are 7 places from the expensive ones to the easiest way to celebrate New Year that won’t cost you a penny. Check them out!

1. Book a Resort and enjoy their private party!

The Rock Bar Bali

The Rock Bar Bali - Ayana Resort and Spa

It’s not hard to find super luxurious resorts in Bali that offers a lot of entertainment options and parties on New Year’s Eve with unlimited foods and beverages that will spoil you to the maximum level! Resorts like The Ungasan, Ayana Resort and all along the coast of Nusa Dua usually offers a New Year packages starting from USD 600++ for 2 nights stay (or even less!)

2. Beach Clubs, EDM and all the sugar and spice!

Cocoon Beach Club

Cocoon Beach Club in Bali

That’s right, Bali is also famous for its beach clubs with amazing views like a sunset view or even cliff-edge view overlooking the Indian Ocean. A lot of Bali Beach clubs offers such amazing deals for New Year-- not just that! They also usually invited a lot of famous international DJs from all over the world followed by an amazing fireworks show by the beach.

3. Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs?

Sky Garden in Kuta

Sky Garden in Kuta

For solo traveler, this is a great place to start. The place where every solo traveler meet and decide to go somewhere else or simply dancing together in the club until the countdown. Famous nightclubs like Mirror or Skygarden offers exciting New Year competitions for you who loves challenges and having fun at the same time!

4. Mountain surroundings of Bedugul

Wisata Bedugul Bali

Wisata Bedugul Bali

Bedugul is something else, the amazing weather and view captivated a lot of tourists and people that are looking for calming surroundings but also hip and bustling New Year! From Resorts like Handara to small hostels have their own private way to celebrate New Year, some people would walk down to the lake and lit up fireworks with the view of mountains in the background.

  • Resorts in Bedugul: Handara Resort & Golf, Buyan Resort, Puri Candikuning.

5. Bali Beaches!

Talking about Bali, you can’t miss this one-- really! Bali beaches are the main attraction when it comes to celebration, especially New Year! You can walk down the beach very easily and find loads of party; DJ setup, or even sneak out to one of the Beach Club party! (du’uh! Not on purpose of course, because it’s the beach!!)

Beach like Seminyak usually full of DJs playing by the beach and everyone else just dancing under the moonlight. Kuta usually has nothing much going on in the beach but everyone just seem to gather around, bring their drinks around and speaker with their friends.

Meanwhile, Canggu beaches offer something else. Echo beach has a lot of bars along the coastline with exciting full-moon include New Year party with a lot of expats living in Bali.

6. The secluded and peaceful Ubud’s surrounding

A procession with offerings entering a Hindu temple in Ubud

A procession with offerings entering a Hindu temple in Ubud

Meditating to pass the New Year’s Eve is something common in Ubud. For all those spiritual seekers, Ubud has an unusual ways to celebrate New Year; be it meditation over a couple hours before until after midnight, gather around with the orphanage and celebrate it with those that are in need for good company or even dancing under the stars in the middle of jungle somewhere!

7. Join a Community Events!

Co-working space Hubud in Ubud, Bali

Co-working space Hubud in Ubud, Bali

Community is a big thing in Bali, being one of Digital Nomad favorite destinations-- Bali has a lot of coworking space and work-hub community that connect everyone from all over the world, community like HUBUD, DOJO or the internationally known Couchsurfing usually organize their own exciting events to gather with each other on New Year’s Eve then walk down the beach for the countdown.

Since everybody love going to the beach for New Year in Bali, we would like to advise you to keep your belonging near from you in a safe place, also not recommended to walk alone after a hardcore fun party around quiet lanes in Kuta or Seminyak. Prices tend to go up during New Year and trust me, they can actually not ripping you off in certain occasion! :)


Mount Batur in Bali

Mount Batur in Bali

Climb Batur and put your tent up, camp with your beloved friends and watch the milky way as the countdown and midnight pass, this is actually will make you amazingly satisfied! Most people say that there’s no better feeling than watching the sun rise in the beginning of the year with your own eyes. So, set a record and do it now!

Don’t forget to comment and tell us where you’ll go for New Year and what you’ll do to celebrate it!