This afternoon we headed to Kuta beach to join the crowd admiring Ogoh ogoh from Kuta area. The display of Ogoh ogoh was just next to Bali Sea Turtle Society, thousands of people visited this area after Nyepi day to celebrate Ngembak Geni with their families and friends. This year in 2016 there were 13 Ogoh ogohs on display representing each groups, each of them were truly magnificent. I cannot imagine how many hours it took for the artists to carve each Ogoh ogoh. 

In case if you need further explanation about Ogoh ogoh here is a link to a wikipedia page

In the mean time here are the images of Ogoh ogoh

Ogoh ogoh - By Eka Karma group

By Eka Karma group ("100% originally made by artisans of Pemamoran Kuta")

Ogoh ogoh - By Wana Daya Parwata group

By Wana Daya Parwata group

Ogoh ogoh - By Eka Putra group

By Eka Putra group

Ogoh ogoh - by Surya Dharma group

by Surya Dharma group

Ogoh ogoh - By Sanggraha Yasa

By Sanggraha Yasa group

Ogoh ogoh - By Kerthadnya group

By Kerthadnya group

Ogoh ogoh by Sadarana Dharma group

By Sadarana Dharma group

They were displayed right in front of the ocean, where people wandered around, took selfies and admired each work. Up close you could see the textures and fine details they poured into each works. Which one is your favorite?

Ogoh ogoh - Passer by taking a picture

Passer by taking a picture

This annual event was even more festive with Majalangu market joining in at the background, there were stalls of foods, beverages, clothing, souvenirs, paintings, games and live performances at the stage. The market itself was opened up until 10pm.

Here is a quick view of 2016's Majalangu Market below. 


Don't miss out on next year's display at Kuta beach, it will be at September 29th. Mark your 2017's calendar and see you there!