6th Bali International Choir Festival 2017 - ZoomBali

6th Bali International Choir Festival 2017

Denpasar - Bali

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Bali International Choir Festival is an annual choral event organized by Bandung Choral Society which takes place in Bali.

Since 2012, BICF held many activities in this annual event, for example: atelier, workshop, collaboration, choral clinic, music practice, competition, and the biggest one, championship. All activities are evaluated by international speakers and choral experts not only from Indonesia, but also USA, France, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more. The festival itself attracts many choir and choral community from Indonesia and foreign countries.

Through BICF, we hope that every participants will expand the friendship between musicians from Indonesia as well as musicians from foreign countries. Partnership formed, diversities united, knowledge gained, and so on.

The beauty of Bali, paradise on earth, will always bring good memories and delight. Your journey to Bali for BICF will bring a perfect combination of art, prestige, friendship, and joy.

Once again, we hope that BICF will help you to carve your history in choral music, as well as a stepping stone or a milestone.

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July 14 - 20, 2017