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Bali Island School

Jalan Danau Buyan IV no 15 Sanur, Bali – Indonesia 80228

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Bali Island School (formerly Bali International School) provides educational excellence in a supportive, secure environment, preparing our students to thrive and succeed as responsible citizens in a changing world.

Bali Island School CORE VALUES

-We recognise everyone has equal intrinsic worth and the capacity to learn and grow.

-We take a holistic approach to education and encourage enjoyment in lifelong learning.

-We embrace an inclusive and diverse community, exploring, appreciating and respecting all cultures.

-We are committed to honesty, fairness, integrity, and respect towards self and others.

-We believe in the rewards of learning through perseverance, commitment to our personal goals and pride in our achievements.

-We take responsibility for our choices and actions.

-We believe in supporting others, serving our community and being responsible world citizens.

-We are responsible for conserving and improving our natural environment.

We embrace good governance and sound management principles in achieving the school’s mission and goals.

To support the Bali Island School mission:

-We strive to be a recognised centre of educational excellence in South East Asia and the preferred international school in Bali.

-We actively seek opportunities within and beyond the classroom, which allow us to improve our educational programmes and broaden students’ options.

-We will ensure that our campus provides the necessary facilities and environment for the growing success of our school.

-We continue to foster our sense of community and school spirit through deliberate and committed interaction with the social and natural environment.

-We focus on integrating innovative methodologies leading to effective communication, creative thinking, critical reasoning and enthusiastic learning.

-We will promote stability and longevity in our teacher, student and family community.

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