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Bali Reptile Rescue

Jalan Perum Padang Lestari, Kerobokan Kaja, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia, 80117

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Free Reptile Removal and Rescue Service 24 hours. Bali Reptile Rescue is a small but dedicated group of volunteers who specialise in three main things with reptiles; Education Rescue Relocation For far too long reptiles in Indonesia have been seen as only good for either food or fashion articles like shoes and handbags. It is only recently that conservation and environmental awareness has forced people to begin to understand the huge role reptiles play in Indonesian ecology. Indonesia has been blessed with some of the worlds most magnificent animals and our group wants to help preserve as many of these as we can before they disappear forever. With Bali becoming more populated every year because it is such a wonderful place to live, more and more forest and farming land is becoming cleared for housing. This removes habitats and brings more people into contact with displaced reptiles such as snakes lizards and fresh water turtles. Contact usually results in the death of the reptiles through human fear of the unknown. That is why Education about reptiles is so important and our priority here is educating the children to show them how interesting and wonderful their native animals are. Relocation lets us come to your home or workplace and safely remove any reptiles that are causing you concern. Rescue is where we treat and rehabilitate injured reptiles. Donations can be very easily made using Paypal which costs you nothing to send money. Anything at all is very gratefully accepted Our Paypal is

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