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Bali Silent Retreat

Penatahan, Kabupaten Tabanan 82152 Bali Indonesia

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Bali Silent Retreat listened to a message “Build a Silent Retreat Center for Prayer and Meditation.” Who’s to say when or how or why we’re called to do what we do, but after much personal resistance, and a vision of 2 mountains, water, and hotsprings, the “where”search began. Serendipitous events rolled into play, including a significant – but not enough – donation from a philanthropist in Switzerland, who shortly thereafter passed away.

A Balinese family, with 4 hectares at the base of the mountain, and vision to protect the land for future generations appeared on scene. . . and a partnership for 100 years was forged. People continue to show up with skills for this or that: construction experts, permaculture maniacs, yoga gurus, whole, raw & ethnic chefs, and many worker-bees; Western, Balinese and Javanese. We continue to . . . .

-stumble forward with trust that the right people and events arrive at the right time and place
-keep our hearts open to new ideas and loving philosophy
-embrace Truth
-experiment, brain-storm and support creative process
-support an environment for maximum human potential
-feel passionate about having 100 persons in prayer and meditation
-meditate and pray daily and listen to Divine Source.

We operate as a non profit and 50% of our beds ( the dormitories ) are profit free. Our commitment is to make pursuing a spiritual path affordable with a top-end ashram ambiance. We rely on dedicated Balinese workers and western volunteers, who value working in a creative, spiritual and healthy environment, as a collaborative team in a super eco green community, laughing and enjoying life.

All programs and activities are optional. Bali Silent Retreat is not associated with any specific religion, culture, or philosophy. All participants are encouraged to seek their personal spiritual truth. You are also welcome to just eat, sleep, and repeat.

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