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Cryoow! The passionate tailor, Bali

154, Gang Melasti, Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar Timur, Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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Cryoow! makes your textile dreams come true! We tailor everything that can be handled with scissors and thread.

We turn your creative textile ideas happily into well selling products!

Putri, Ade, Fera, Gede, Yeyen and Dina. We produce under fair conditions according to western standards.

Our employment conditions:

At Cryoow! we fully recognize our seamstresses as our most valuable asset. Without their experience, passion and hard work there would be no Cryoow! products and nothing you and we could be proud of!

That's why we pay our seamstresses a higher salary than the minimum wages set by our government. They work only 5 days a week (instead of 6 or even 7 days what is considered normal in Indonesia!), they receive a 13 month salary, 3 month maternity leave, health and accident insurance and we celebrate each and every employees birthday with a small company meeting and gifts to show our respect.

We calculated it carefully and we found that all these benefits make our products just a little bit more expensive than products that are produced in these infamous "sweat and tears factories" we have so many here in South East Asia. We don't want to be one of them!

We want to celebrate work as an important part of our time here on earth and like to support respect, joy, happiness, friendship, collaboration and responsibility as a our core values and as a result we receive the benefits of a strong and free thinking community, high quality products and long lasting relationship not only with our employees but also with YOU our highly valued customers.

Who are our customers?

Everybody that likes good quality products, made from the best fabrics under fair working conditions. So, -probably YOU!? We deliver direct to shops, online sellers and private customers without any distributors or agents. If you want to decorate your home with new pillows, new table clothes and bedclothes we can deliver...

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