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Eternal Line Exhibition

1B, Jalan Mertasari, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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Eternal Line exhibition brings together two very talented Balinese painters, Teja Astawa and Mangku Muriati. The great painters have different style of painting however both of them are inspired by the same root: ‘wayang’ or shadow puppetry. This one of a kind exhibition will be hosted at Sudakara Art Space at Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur from December 3, 2015 to February 3, 2016.

“Eternal Line exhibition has been several years in the making and it’s exciting to see it finally come together, said Sudamala Resorts Director Emily Subrata. “It links the past, present and future of Balinese art via the works of two of our greatest living artists, working in very different styles yet inextricably linked by an artistic tradition stretching back to the first Balinese paintings which were inspired by Wayang shadow puppets.”

“That is the Eternal Line exhibition that links their work, along with the true artist’s dedication to creative explorations and pushing boundaries, as well as notions of duty, family and fate.”

Teja Astawa’s contemporary paintings were explosions of vivid colors one after another, layered with meta-narratives and post-modern techniques. Currently based in Sanur, his paintings’ subjects range from daily affairs to wayang folklore, shifting between being humorous, child-like to tragic. His works were exhibited both locally and internationally, from Ubud to being chosen to complement Weltkulturen Museum’s collection in Frankfurt, Germany.

Mangku Muriati’s paintings were painted with Kamasan style, Balinese’s own wayang painting developed since 16th century. Looking closely at her pieces, one can see tremendous details she poured into each paintings. Though done in classical way, she incorporates current events into her themes. One of her hope is to insinuate curiosity and interest from younger generations, therefore broadening her audiences to relate more to her work.

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Reviewed byYves Bowener

Rated 5 December 31, 2015

Very beautiful canvas!

Reviewed byIntan Goyana

Rated 5 November 30, 2016

Very interesting, great works, looking forward to see more of pak Teja's and bu Muriati's works!

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December 3, 2015 - February 3, 2016