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Hatten Wines Farm

Jalan Singaraja-Gilimanuk, Sanggalangit, Gerokgak, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, 81155

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Fine wine indulgence and breathtaking scenery meet up for a toast in Hatten Wines, along the North Coast of Bali.

Covering a land of over 35 hectares, Hatten Wines never run out of vine supplies to produce premium quality wines.

If Bali is the island of gods, then Hatten Wine must be the drink of the gods.

The people of North Coast of Bali also built their lives around this vineyard. Some workers even live near the Pergolas, overhead trellis where the vines spread.

The long process of wine-making takes place in the laboratory facility, with a capacity of bottling up to 5000 bottles a day.

If you take the tour, you will be able to wander around the vineyards and sip Bali’s finest wines.

That should be one of your finest days in life.

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