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Makepung Buffalo Races

Jalan Sandat, Negara, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali 82218, Indonesia

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Bali has a wealth of bull races. Makepung Buffalo racing tradition is a large deal in the town of Jembrana, Negara regency, even taking on the official championships designation as the Governor's Cup or 'Piala Bupati'.

The Makepung Buffalo racing festival usually kicks off with various heats around the coastal race tracks of Jembrana in the month of July, leading up to the finals and festivities occurring mid-November.

The tradition traces back to the legacies of the Jembrana farmers, and during the festivities various.

*The tentative schedule for the 2016 Makepung buffalo races, based on the Jembrana government tourism office`s previous year`s dates are as follows:

12 July: Delod Berawah Circuit
26 July: Tuwed Circuit
9 August: Mertasari Circuit (Bupati Cup)
23 August: Pangkung Dalem Circuit
6 September: Delod Berawah Circuit
20 September: Awen Circuit
4 October: Mertasari Circuit
18 October: Kaliakah Circuit
1 November: Delod Berawah Circuit
15 November: Tuwed Circuit (Jembrana Cup - FINALS)

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Event Times and Dates:

July 12 - November 15, 2016