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Museum Bajra Sandhi (Museum Perjuangan Rakyat Bali)

UPT Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali, Panjer, Denpasar, Bali 80235

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Bajra Sandhi Monument is a monument to admire Balinese people struggle from time to time. The monument is located in front of the Bali Governor's Office in Renon, Denpasar, Bali.

Overall the area of the monument is rectangular with its application of Tri Mandala. It divide by 3 area:

-Utama Mandala is a main building in the middle
-Madya Mandala is a courtyard that surrounds Utama Mandala
-Nista Mandala is the outer courtyard surrounding the Madya Mandala

Main building of the monument (Utama Mandala) consist of 3 floor:

Utamaning Utama Mandala is on the third floor as a place of tranquility, a place of silence and enjoying the view around the monument. Visitors can see the panorama of Denpasar from this place. To reach this place the visitor must pass a long stairs.

Madyaning Utama Mandala is the second floor as a dioramas, with the total is 33 units. Second floor is a place to see the miniature of Balinese people's struggle from time to time. The diorama is similar to National Monument in Jakarta. But, here is only shows the struggle of the Balinese people. It starts from the beginning of the Balinese kingdom, the entrance of Hinduism, Majapahit era, Netherlands colonialism, struggle of independence, until the present.

Nistaning Utama Mandala is a ground floor of the building, which containing the information room, Librarianship room, exhibit room, conference room, administrative room, and restrooms. In the middle of the room there is a lake that is named as Puser Tasik.

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Reviewed bySteve Wespoon

Rated 5 January 31, 2016

Finally a real museum about Balinese history!
Not only the architecture and the garden of the Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali are beautiful, in addition you will find inside a collections of small scale models showing historical reconstitution of Balinese's struggles. The ticket price is cheap and it's ideal to spend a great afternoon outside. Strongly recommend!