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Gn. Agung 118 - Denpasar Barat - Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia, 80111

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Preserving and Protecting Living Coral Reefs Ecosystems.


Educate local and international community about Coral reef, and help local community to protect and restore their own coral reef, with an incentive to make these reefs directly profitable for them.

Our Team is composed of 3 Marine Biologists, from different backgrounds, in Marine biology, Marine aquaculture and professional scuba diving. With more than 20 years experience in coral farming all around Indonesia, our farms were the first commercial mariculture coral farm established in Indonesia. Our farms are licensed by the government and we work with communities of fisherman, giving them an alternative source of income, and diverting them from destructive fishing methods. After learning to mariculture corals, now we work to restore coral reefs with the help of our fishermen communities.


In the Lagoon of Candidasa, our farm was established 18 years ago. The farm is used for producing corals for the aquarium industry, and for our on going reef restoration projects.

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