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Pengerupukan Ritual

Bali, Indonesia

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In 2017, Pengerupukan will be celebrated in March 27th all over the island. This one of a kind festivity is celebrated by Balinese Hindus, the night before Nyepi. Each villages will create the scariest Ogoh-ogoh for the night's parade. Ogoh-ogoh symbolizes demonic creatures, the parade itself normally starts at 6pm. Pengerupukan portrays villagers chasing away evil spirits by making as much noise as possible. Young men and children are carrying Ogoh-ogoh together on their shoulders, accompanied by the village's own music group. By the way, roads for the parade will be closed for the occasion, remember to manage your travel wisely.

The effort and energy (plus money) people put into making this one of a kind monster -is one to be appreciated. Normally they are huge, colorful, scary as hell and at times can be humorous. Each regency holds their own competition, the winner will be awarded. Back in the days after Pengerupukan, they would burn the Ogoh-ogoh, nowadays this practice is not always done. After Nyepi day, you may see couple of Ogoh-ogoh on display, namely in Kuta beach. Head over there on March 10th, mingle with the locals and admire the intriguing art work.

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Rated 5 January 25, 2017

Just awesome, must see! Especially at Ubud and Kuta area!

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March 27, 2017