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Pandanus War (Perang Pandan)

Tenganan, Manggis, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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Perang Pandan (Pandanus War) is offering ceremony conducted to honor the god Indra (god of war) and the ancestors. Perang Pandan also called mekare-kare. This ritual activities held annually in June in the village of Tenganan, located at 70 km in the east of Denpasar, more than 70 minutes by motorcycle. This village belong to one of the old village in Bali, this is called Bali Aga village.

The location of this village surrounded by hills, while the shape of is like a fortress worthy of having only four entrances to the system of custody, making it easier to know who is coming and going from the village. Trust adopted Tenganan villagers are different from Balinese people in general. Tenganan Villagers have written rules or awig-awig that hereditary bequeathed by their ancestors, also did not recognize caste and believed to be the god Indra is the god of all gods. Lord Indra is the god of war. Historically Tenganan was a gift from God Indra to wong peneges, the ancestral village of Tenganan. While the Balinese Hindus in general makes the Tri Murti Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as the supreme god. According to the story, in ancient times Tenganan and the surrounding area was ruled by a king named Maya Denawa unjust and cruel, he even makes himself as God and disallow the Balinese perform religious rituals, to hear that the gods in heaven were furious, and the gods sent Lord Indra to awaken or destroy Maya Denawa, by lifting the god Indra as the lord of war or battle leader. Through heavy fighting and casualties , in the end God Indra succes to kill Maya Denawa.

Perang Pandan or Makare-kare was held 2 days and held a once a year on sasih Kalima (the fifth month on the calendar of Bali) and is part of the ceremony Sasih Sembah is the largest religious ceremony in the village of Tenganan. The implementation location of Perang Pandan is in the middle of village hall.

In 2016 it will be at June 25 & July 22

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June 25 - July 22, 2016