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Ruede Hagelstein at Jenja

At: Jenja

Townsquare Suites, Jl. Nakula 18 Seminyak, Denpasar 80361 Bali, Indonesia

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Ruede Hagelstein

Date: Sept 23-24, 2016
Price: 200,000 IDR

Ruede Hagelstein - a child of Berlin, almost that is. Actually born in the rural surroundings of the capital he decided to move inside- eight years ago. Nevertheless call him a city-dweller cause the city is where he feels home. After civil service he left ́mean ́ Brandenburg trying to find work as a ricochet in web-agencies, movie-shakes and magazine night-guides. From the proceeds of the new economy he soon is able to buy himself the first records. He is fascinated of the artwork mixing and with every night that is being danced through his drive to express himself through it grows.

At the same time his passion for writing leads to the long coalition between him and the FLYER Magazine where he works as editor for many years making him even more intimate with the Berlin clubbing culture. Inspired by the exzentrical clublife he and his friends decide to found a not commercial partyforum called Restrealitaet.“Restrealitaet” that up ́till today is playing an important role for the Sub-cultural scene in Berlin. The producing of electronic music is developing slowly. Ruede is not coming out of a musically gifted family- his father is loving Jimi Hendrix and theRolling Stones but reading notes for him is a foreign language. In his youth, making music is reduced to the notes in choir, the holes in his flute and the permanent out-of-tune guitar.

It was his first computer that established him the view through the sequence-window which he still favours to look through upon the world of squares. His prime- track is released on the Berlin Freizeitglauben – Label where he is almost showing off his poppy side which he articulates further on the following “New Fresh EP” on Freundinnen Records.

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September 23 - 24, 2016