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Soma Ribek Ceremony

Bali, Indonesia

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Soma Ribek Ceremony - Two days after Saraswati Day, on Soma (or Monday), Pon, Wuku Sinta, is Soma Ribek day, prior to Pagerwesi “Soma” meaning Monday, and “Ribek” meaning full. On Soma Ribek day, Balinese bring offerings to the rice box. They thank God for food and beverage in their lives and pray to Dewi Sri (Goddess of prosperity, manifestation of God) to give prosperity. By worshipping the goddess the Balinese hope that Bhatari Sri will bless them with a full rice barn in the coming year, hence an important ritual of Soma Ribek is placing offerings in a rice pot.

This celebration remind them to be selective when choosing food and not to over eat to improve their health. The philosophy of Soma Ribek day is the third most important thing for human life is food and drink.

This year it will be at 23 January

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January 23, 2017