Sunset Session with Alex Metric at Woobar - ZoomBali

Sunset Session with Alex Metric at Woobar

At: Woobar

14, Jalan Batu Belig, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia, 80361

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Sunset Session with Alex Metric

It’s all about the song for Alex Metric. Whether it’s an original track, a remix or producing a band, there has to be a personal connection. If he doesn’t feel it, why would anyone else. “It’s always about making something with real emotion,” says the 28-year-old DJ from London. “My core philosophy is to do whatever’s right for the song and to try and make it have some meaning to me. I put so much love into everything I do.”

You can tell. Alex's album for Virgin, ‘Open Your Eyes', collates all three strands of his music output —his own productions such as his recent single ‘Open Your Eyes’ , those for other people, see Black Sky by Infadels, and most importantly of all, the best of the string of remixes that have made his name over the last two years. It’s a varied but far from disparate collection. A common thread, that sense of communicating genuine feeling, runs through the album, making sense of the different elements.

It opens with Alex’s version of Lisztomania by Phoenix, which transforms the winsome indie dance groove of the original into a dancefloor gem of juddering electro house bass and an explosive vocal-driven chorus built around the line “These days I’ve got to be someone else”. It’s his favourite remix, not least because they are his favourite band. “ Nine times out of ten I get asked to do remixes,” says Alex. “There’s only twice in my career that I’ve asked a band if I can remix them. I heard Phoenix had a new album out. I’d met Phillipe Zdar in Ibiza a few times. I knew he was producing the record. I e-mailed him and said that it would mean so much to me to do the remix.” Turns out it’s the band’s favourite remix ever as well. “That was a real pinch yourself moment,” says Alex. Other stand out remixes include the hands-in-the-air house rework of Quicksand by La Roux, a disco take on Stylo by Gorillaz and his faithful but cleverly done dancefloor tweak of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode.

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November 13, 2016

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM