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Tumpek Landep Ceremony

Bali, Indonesia

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Tumpek Landep (4 February 2017) is a holy day that is still closely associated with the decline of science today, the day of Saraswati. After people gain knowledge on Saraswati day, they have to sharpen the mind seruncing-pointed to be used as appropriate. Holy day Tumpek Landep which is commemorated every six months has the meaning of sanctification sarwa pawukon sanjata that support human life. In the development sarva sanjata not only be interpreted as: spear, dagger, arrows, axes and others. However, all tools that support human life, including facilities and infrastructure and transport services.

In celebration of the community Landep Tumpek symbolically perform the ceremony to a variety of weapons, kris, spears and rifles. Tumpek Landep have meaning as a spiritual purification and spiritual elevation of which the mind and heart. Through purification of the human is expected to have a sharpness of mind as sharp as a weapon and purity of snow-clear water, so that what is said and done have an impact on the sensitivity and full commitment to all of creation Sang Hyang Widhi. Thus the sharpness in thinking that accompanied the saying of doing ethics must be in accordance with the teachings of Hinduism is Dharma. Tumpek Landep teach mankind to always care for and maintain all equipment and facilities that support human life, to be able to deal with fast-paced modernization development, precise and accurate.

Tumpek Landep is a process approach to God to hone the science in order to achieve true consciousness. In the current implementation, the celebration Tumpek Landep by the younger generation can be done with their studies as high as for the future, not clubbing and get drunk.

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February 4 - January 4, 2017