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Tumpek Uduh Ceremony

Bali, Indonesia

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Tumpek Uduh is a ceremony related to the environment, especially to preserve the tree. To pray for lush trees, flowering, have a good quality. If possible the fruits could be used for Galungan, "said I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, chairman of the Hindu Association of Indonesia (PHDI) Bali Hindus celebrated every 210 days, or 25 days before Galungan.

Sudiana said, Tumpek Uduh is the local wisdom of the ancestors so that citizens always keep the environment by always planting trees in the yard. "Indeed, this lesson is emphasized on agricultural area. At least the younger generation produces fruits for themselves and offerings, if possible to be sold, better."

In 2017 Tumpek Uduh will be celebrated in March 11th.

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March 11, 2017