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Jalan Raya Lipah, Bunutan, Abang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia, 80852

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When you stay at any of the three Wawa-wewe's you will be absorbed into the Balinese atmosphere, the sights, sounds, aromas, flavours, fauna, flora, and culture.

Your holiday will be a true Balinese experience, offering the comfort of a spacious villa with all you need, set in lush garden with sea views. The infinity pool and turquoise coral reefs beyond that, waits for you all to enjoy.

All our food is fresh, local and prepared to order, with local culinary delights and dishes to suit you and your family.

Wawa-wewe means "Comme Ci, Comme Ça" or "Like this, like that".

Wawa-wewe I began when our car was swapped for a piece of land in Lipah village, one of the first few businesses to be established in the Amed area in 1996. At this time the roads were rough and impassable in places, with no bridge over the river.

With the help of friends and family we cleared the land, keeping as many palms as possible, with respect for the land; one palm needed a special Hindu ceremony to ensure a new home was found for the good spirit living within it.

Eventually a raw, rustic successful bar, restaurant and four bungalows were created. Now Wawa-wewe I has a lively yet laid back tropical atmosphere with a sea breeze and a bustling local community on the doorstep.
Wawa-wewe II was built on a rustic slope leading down to Pupuan Beach. Since 1998 ten villas have been created, taking full advantage of the ocean and the Balinese gardens which have grown with the business. The Buddha shaped infinity pool merges into the blue sea, creating a total balance.

Wawa-wewe Rock further down the coast from Wawa-wewe I and II was established in 2010. The restaurant, bungalows and pool are majestically positioned between the bays of Aas and Banyuning where the locally renowned Japanese wreck lies, which present an excellent local snorkelling attraction.

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